Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Lenika Scott

Good Morning Loves!!!

This is a PERSONAL message from Lenika Scott on Christmas Day!!!

A Savior was Born to save the world and his name is JESUS CHRIST!!! I can't help but Thank him sooo much for what he did for you and me at Calvary.

I personally would like to wish you and yours and Very Merry Christmas!!! Wish so much Joy, Excitement and LOVE in the atmosphere I would like to encourage you to EMBRACE this not only on this special day but throughout the year.

Love you lots,
Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Fasting For Breakthrough Downloadable SALE!!!


Good Morning!!!
How are you doing today? I've been away for a while because I have been diligently working on the completion of my 1st Book...

Fasting For Breakthrough!
How a 21 Day Fast Can Change Your Life!

As I sit here in my office, I am so overjoyed right now! I'm sure you know the feeling you get when you have completed something. Yes that feeling!!!
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Lauretta Marie Pierce
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Thanks so much!
God Bless~
Lenika Scott
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Official Book Release!!! “Fasting for Breakthrough”

Join us for Lenika Scott Book Signing & New Book Release
“Fasting for Breakthrough”

When: Saturday November 16th
Time: 1pm - 4pm (Floating)
Location: Renaissance Hotel
4100 Main at North Hills St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

I’d love you to stop by and pick up your autograph copy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 1 of Jamaica with Lenika Scott

Before you read this post PLEASE NOTE: This entire Jamaica Trip was paid with my Work From Home Money and I treated my husband!!!!
Wooo hooo… Such a Great Feeling!!!

This journey was soooo Amazing in fact I believe it was the BEST Vacation I’ve ever experience. Thank you Lord!!!

Day one in Jamaica started off with us having a 1 night stay at the Sunset All Inclusive Resort on the Beach of Jamaica because I book our flight a day early (by mistake)!!!

But my heavenly father knew it wasn't a mistake because he really knew what we needed. And it was awesome to experience the resort style stay while in Jamaica because the next day we would be off to enjoy our remaining time in some gorgeous Villas. In fact the Villa we lodged at for the remaining of the vacation was 11,000 sq foot that came with Butlers, Home Servants and Chefs. More of that in the next post but back to Day 1…

Turns out it was a blessing in disguise. When we arrived on the Island of Jamaica I was gripped with so much emotion! Why??? Because I was experience a vacation again along with my husband. We hadn't enjoyed a vacation in a few years and I didn't realize how I longed for it~
It took about 25 mins for us to reach our resort from the airport and the driver was so pleasant. He had such a warm spirit and he talked to us about our surroundings as we drove to the resort.
I tell you…. As soon as we arrived at the resort the Jamaican Staff greeted us with such LOVE and there was such a great level of RESPECT.

As we went to to sit down at the VIP Check in section, out of nowhere comes a gentleman with drinks in his hand and he handed 2 of them over to Gregg and I.

They looked SOO GOOD. Initially I asked if there was alcohol in the drinks because I am not a drinker and Gregg turned to me and said NO…  I then started drinking to notice that it was some alcohol in the drink BUT IT WAS SOOOO GOOD I couldn’t resist. I just had to complete this tasty concoction!

When I asked the receptionist the name of the drink she said it was called “The Jamaica Island Teaser”!

Gregg and I proceeded to our room and I realized they had given us a complimentary UPGRADE to Ocean Front Room.

Wow!!!!  Because I am NOW thanking God for such Favor.
Initially when I made reservations for our 1 night stay I wasn't that concerned about getting a beach front view because I knew we would be lodging in luxury for the remainder of the trip.
We went to our room put our bags down to grab a bite to eat! Since this resort was All Inclusive (which means) all of the meals are included in our package food was served all day.

We ate burgers and fries and walked on the beach for a few mins. Enjoyed the beautiful turquoise water and scenery of this gorgeous Island.

We went to our room and rested for a few hours and then got up to dine at a Buffet Style Restaurant they have on site.

The Jamaica food was SOOOO Delicious!!!

They served this dish called "Akee and Saltfish" which is one of the Island Favorites and I tell you I couldn’t get enough of that dish. I found myself scrapping the pan… LOL and SMH I know.. my bad. I don't think I embarrassed Gregg too much.

So if you are ever in Jamaica and you love Seafood, I know you will LOVE this dish!!!
Come to find out, it is a Fruit (to me it looked like eggs) but it wasn't!!!
This fruit migrated to Jamaica in 1778 and is now the country's national fruit.
Yes a fruit that is found on the trees around the Island and it is picked and served with vegetables and fish.

We also enjoyed some other items on the buffet and as you see in this picture the food on my plate is ALMOST gone lol.

After dinner we enjoyed the rest of the night resting…

Stay Tune for Day 2!!!

PS. If you want to enjoy a Beautiful Vacation with us next year Take Action by going here…

We will be chilling in the Caribbean Islands Somewhere!!!



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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lenika Scott goes to Jamaica!!!

We just got back to the states and I am still SOOOO EXCITED!!!!


Because I stepped out on FAITH, built up enough courage to 
launch out in the deep and take my husband on an ALL INCLUSIVE LUXURY STYLE Vacation in Jamaica!!!

Yup!!! This Stay at Home Mom of 6 girls did it.. and it felt pretty darn good.

So over the course of the next few days I am going to share with you Day by Day
our highlights from our Jamaica Trip!!!

What Happened???
What we did???
What I learned???
Where we went???
What we ate???

And sooo much more!!!

BUT you've gotta Stay Tune. Each day you will get an email from me outlining everything!!!

Right now, I will share with you a couple of special moments  that I am still holding near and dear to my heart.... 

1) I jumped off a 35 Feet Cliff right into the beautiful turquoise blue water!!!!
2) Right outside our 11,000 square foot villa I spotted a Banana Tree!!!!

Please stay Plugged in and Check back for my emails OKAY.

I'd LOVE you to join us in our NEXT experience of travel. Right now, we are not 100% sure of where we will be going but you are certain of this one thing...

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 Powerful Business Woman Join Forces- Lenika Scott

The other night I was giving the opportunity to share the platform with some AMAZING women in the area of entrepreneurship!

Nicole Cooper, Tracey Walker, Stormy Wellington, Annetta Powell, and Myself.`
See Replay

It’s not everyday thing when you see 5 African American Women who have Built Million Dollar Business(es) join forces, come together and provide knowledge, information but most importantly inspiration to others that “Anything is Possible”.

That’s right~ on Thursday night we came together on a Live Google Hangout where thousands of people (all around the world) joined in by way of the internet to learn and gain more information about our current online venture!

There is Hope!

You can Stand Out setting yourself apart, rise to the occasion, make an impact and GET PAID!!!
One of the things I live by is this..

If it has been done, it means it can be done!

Women who have broken all kind of barriers, busted through all sort of obstacles and challenges’, not giving in to excuses but making it happen!
[To See Replay Click on Image]

I am going to share a few Qualities of Successful entrepreneurs here in this article but a few of the underling messages you will hear when you listen to the Replay is this…

Consistency, implementing what you have learned! BUT Implementing FAST is the Key to momentum in Business!

Success doesn't “JUST HAPPEN” for there are certain things one must do to go out and get it!
We came together to share about an amazing Online opportunity that is gaining to attention of so many around the globe!

An internet marketing company that is allowing so many to generate wealth online AND learn the skill of Internet marketing!

If you missed the “Live Hangout” here is the link to view it and if you decide to join this powerful movement with us, please understand that you will be connected to  one of the fastest growing teams Online!

As promised… here are some qualities of Success Entrepreneurs!

*They take risk
*They are serious about what they are involved with
*Big on personal development
*Action Taker

I also thought it would be cool to share some pictures! I've had the chance to rub arms with them outside of "The Internet World"...

Tracey and I (Photo taken in  Atlanta Ga)

Annetta and I (Photo taken in Chicago)

Tracey and Nicole and I (Photo taken in Atlanta Ga)

Stormy and I (Photo taken in Vegas)

Nicole and I (Photo taken in the Bahamas)


Nicole and I (Photo taken on a Cruise)
Below photo

The Homebased Business Industry has allowed us to experience some wonderful things!

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