Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Lenika Scott

Good Morning Loves!!!

This is a PERSONAL message from Lenika Scott on Christmas Day!!!

A Savior was Born to save the world and his name is JESUS CHRIST!!! I can't help but Thank him sooo much for what he did for you and me at Calvary.

I personally would like to wish you and yours and Very Merry Christmas!!! Wish so much Joy, Excitement and LOVE in the atmosphere I would like to encourage you to EMBRACE this not only on this special day but throughout the year.

Love you lots,
Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls


  1. Love you too Lenika...many blessings!!!!

  2. Love you Lenika, Thanks for all that you do. You really inspire me :)

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