Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 Powerful Business Woman Join Forces- Lenika Scott

The other night I was giving the opportunity to share the platform with some AMAZING women in the area of entrepreneurship!

Nicole Cooper, Tracey Walker, Stormy Wellington, Annetta Powell, and Myself.`
See Replay

It’s not everyday thing when you see 5 African American Women who have Built Million Dollar Business(es) join forces, come together and provide knowledge, information but most importantly inspiration to others that “Anything is Possible”.

That’s right~ on Thursday night we came together on a Live Google Hangout where thousands of people (all around the world) joined in by way of the internet to learn and gain more information about our current online venture!

There is Hope!

You can Stand Out setting yourself apart, rise to the occasion, make an impact and GET PAID!!!
One of the things I live by is this..

If it has been done, it means it can be done!

Women who have broken all kind of barriers, busted through all sort of obstacles and challenges’, not giving in to excuses but making it happen!
[To See Replay Click on Image]

I am going to share a few Qualities of Successful entrepreneurs here in this article but a few of the underling messages you will hear when you listen to the Replay is this…

Consistency, implementing what you have learned! BUT Implementing FAST is the Key to momentum in Business!

Success doesn't “JUST HAPPEN” for there are certain things one must do to go out and get it!
We came together to share about an amazing Online opportunity that is gaining to attention of so many around the globe!

An internet marketing company that is allowing so many to generate wealth online AND learn the skill of Internet marketing!

If you missed the “Live Hangout” here is the link to view it and if you decide to join this powerful movement with us, please understand that you will be connected to  one of the fastest growing teams Online!

As promised… here are some qualities of Success Entrepreneurs!

*They take risk
*They are serious about what they are involved with
*Big on personal development
*Action Taker

I also thought it would be cool to share some pictures! I've had the chance to rub arms with them outside of "The Internet World"...

Tracey and I (Photo taken in  Atlanta Ga)

Annetta and I (Photo taken in Chicago)

Tracey and Nicole and I (Photo taken in Atlanta Ga)

Stormy and I (Photo taken in Vegas)

Nicole and I (Photo taken in the Bahamas)


Nicole and I (Photo taken on a Cruise)
Below photo

The Homebased Business Industry has allowed us to experience some wonderful things!

Take ACTION Today!!!

Learn the $1000 Day Formula that is allowing us to CHANGE OUR LIFE

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