Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lenika Scott goes to Jamaica!!!

We just got back to the states and I am still SOOOO EXCITED!!!!


Because I stepped out on FAITH, built up enough courage to 
launch out in the deep and take my husband on an ALL INCLUSIVE LUXURY STYLE Vacation in Jamaica!!!

Yup!!! This Stay at Home Mom of 6 girls did it.. and it felt pretty darn good.

So over the course of the next few days I am going to share with you Day by Day
our highlights from our Jamaica Trip!!!

What Happened???
What we did???
What I learned???
Where we went???
What we ate???

And sooo much more!!!

BUT you've gotta Stay Tune. Each day you will get an email from me outlining everything!!!

Right now, I will share with you a couple of special moments  that I am still holding near and dear to my heart.... 

1) I jumped off a 35 Feet Cliff right into the beautiful turquoise blue water!!!!
2) Right outside our 11,000 square foot villa I spotted a Banana Tree!!!!

Please stay Plugged in and Check back for my emails OKAY.

I'd LOVE you to join us in our NEXT experience of travel. Right now, we are not 100% sure of where we will be going but you are certain of this one thing...

We will be traveling to ANOTHER  Beautiful Celebrity and Luxury Style Resort overlooking the Beautiful Caribbean Islands.

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Just a few pictures while in Jamaica
I am the one in the Yellow dress towards the right hand side...
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