Monday, July 1, 2013

The Homebased Business from WAHM Lenika Scott

The Homebiz Industry REALLY ROCK!!!!

I've grown SOOO MUCH as an individual. More than I could have ever grown **inwardly** over the last 5 years If I would have continued on the same path working in Corporate America! Not at all knocking ...Corporate America because it did teach me much but as I look at my news feed and see MANY other Entrepreneurs that I am connected to it allowed me to reflect for a moment regarding the journey I decided to take and as I look back there are NO regrets!!!


NO... this road haven't always been easy. Many ups and downs, many misunderstandings.


I am sooooo GLAD I stepped out in faith. As I write this message a memory just came to mind. This was back in 2000 and Gregg and I was in the bed late at night and the news came on. Suddenly, there was a woman talking about how she had started a “Business on the Internet” and she was making money from home to support her family and while she was sharing her story as the news reporter interviewed her, I felt the Glory of God. I remember telling my husband and I also remembered having a feeling that one day I’d have a Home Business of some sort and the way I’d generate income would be Online.

 Little did I realize what God had in store for his daughter! I am even more excited about this journey because (TO ME) it has just begun!

Speaking in front of Thousands because of "The Home Base Industry"
Oh how I've grown.

Gregg and I cruising to The Bahamas
Trip we earned because of the Home base Industry!

 I believe God allowed to me to experience a great portion because I was found faithful and consistent with what I was given throughout the years. Many days of teaching myself, many hours invested in studying, learning and implementing but my goodness SOOO WORTH IT!!!

Sharing from the heart while also praying that this will encourage someone to follow their God Given Dreams and Goals!!! Be an “Action Taker” and watch God!!!
Gregg and I in Hawaii
Trip we earned because of the Home base Industry!

Lenika Scott PROUD Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

Jazmine, Janae', Jayla, Joy, Jireh & Jordan
Our 6 Girls


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