Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It All Starts With A Dream!

In 2007 I left Corporate America to come home and stay with my daughters. During the time I was working as a Chemist in a Lab where my salary was right at $50,000 per year.

I started Baby Sitting to bring in extra income and shortly after that I got pregnant YES AGAIN with our 6 daughter. I quickly came to the realization that I wasn't going the able to keep children because now I would have my own DAYCARE in my home LOL!!!!!!!

Right after Jordan (our  6th daughter) was born I decided to take to the Internet and build a business from home . I saw many other women making it happen and I believe I could as well.

After spending hours of training myself, learning, studying, believing that I could be successful the money started to come in and in 2009 (6 months) after partnering with a MLM Company my paycheck for one month was as high as my yearly salary that I had left behind 2 years prior.

YES!!! Almost $60,000!!!!!!

I decided to share this today because my journey hasn't always been easy but it has been so worth it!!!!

Many people who have followed me for years or have just started to follow me see me working my business on Social Media on a consistent basis!

YES!!!!! I have worked really hard!

Here is a question that I would like to ask with the hope that it would help someone else dig a little deeper! There may be Multiple Business(es) in you but fear could be preventing you from tapping into what’s really to be.

Why wouldn't I work that hard for myself?

 If I could get up every day, leaving 2 little ones in the care of someone else, another in Pre-School, while the 2 older girls were latch key kids, drive an hour to work, yes an hour there and an hour back, remaining at work almost 9 hours, working my behind off to get a Paycheck, why wouldn't I work or discipline myself to do the same?

AGAIN why wouldn't I work that hard for myself.
The joy that has been experience from building my own business!
The Belief in myself!
The AMAZING Connections to other 6 & 7 Figure Earners!
The Testimonies I've personally witness up close and personal!
The Personal Growth that can never be denied!

You see because of the Home based industry I am in the process of Authoring my 1st Book!
I would have never even wrote a book but it was because of the success I've experience in the industry that allowed me to share but it would have not been birthed If I had never stepped out on faith to seriously get involved with this industry I would have never experience success and would have not had a grounds to write the book.

This industry gave me the courage to rise up in leadership to host a Women’s Retreat down in Miami Florida during the summer of 2011. Because Gregg and I had been able to eat in some of the nicest restaurants, lodge in some of the most beautiful hotels and travel the pacific ocean I had such a desire to allow women to experience this and because of it, we enjoyed days lodging at the Beautiful 4 Star 5 Diamond Resort Fairmount Resort!

Here are a few of the pictures that were taken!

This Resort Was Beautiful ~!!!!

The Pool Area at the Resort!!!

Jaz and Janae' Resorting With Mommy!

Soooo…… this brings me to this point.

Many times I get emails asking me if this is REAL, can it work, can this be my reality, is this a scam, do people really make this type of income from home???

Yes it is real, it does work and it can be the reality of anyone who believes it can!

I have HELPED sooo many women and Mom’s start a home-based business. I have personally witness and seen personal paychecks of others on my team who have been able to bring income in the home!

The phone calls, the text messages, the emails of others who made their 1st paycheck in this Industry because they believed in themselves and stepped out on faith!
I love to live by this motto: If it has been done, it means it can be done!
Not sure who this will HELP or ENCOURAGE!

Perhaps, you have desired to Start Your Own Business yet fear is holding you back. You can do it!
OR you are already apart of this AMAZING Industry but for some reason you don’t believe you are worthy to tap into the Success that have been granted to many others. You are Worthy!!!

It all starts with a DREAM and BELIEF in yourself!!!

If a Mom of 6 can do it – so can you!!!!!

If you are seeking a way to Earn Extra Home From Home & Start A Business feel free to check out what I am doing...


Lenika Scott



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