Friday, January 18, 2013

Lenika Scott Re-Launch Empower Network Business with Nicole Cooper and Tracey Walker

I will never forget the day when Nicole Cooper reached out to me about Empower Network. Right before she reached out to me I had received several messages from others who had JUST partnered with the company!

Then we got Tracey Walker on the call and she shared and explained in detail of the “NEW INTERNET MOVEMENT” that was about to take place. This Movement would make ALOT of people RICH. And she pretty much shot it straight~!!! If you know anything about Tracey she is a No-None Sense type of person who doesn't allow excuses, she is real and raw, tell it like it is AND if she find something that works she will dive right in and stay focus and committed to the task at hand.

I told them that I would partner up with their team and get to work!

I met Tracey Walker in July of 2008 on the Internet and I met Nicole Cooper Online as well that same year in Novemeber! And since I've known them I know they are women about their business! They don’t just talk the talk but they walk the walk. They are both 6 Figure Earners in the Home based business Industry! Very Business Minded Entrepreneurs who have such a drive that can't be broken. Not only that but they really GET IT DONE!!!
[Tracey Walker, Nicole Cooper and I in 2010]

So I got started with Empower Network and immediately started promoting the business with my 1st couple of weeks personally enrolling about 30 people but during this time I was going thru a MAJOR transition within the Home Based Business Industry and I was trying to find (a home again) but on the Network Marketing side while I still would work Empower Network.

I didn't realize HOW BROKEN I REALLY WAS.....

When you have built a business that produced Millions in Sales and all of a sudden your empire come crashing down and you see your business slipping before your very eyes it can be very HARD... and hard it was. 

I immediately stopped one business and had found myself right back in a new MLM Company and Empower Network (at the same time) trying to build what had been lost but it never occurred to me that healing and regrouping is a process.

That I needed to take a deeper look within, access what had just transpired and then move on!

Please allow me to be transparent because this HUGELY impacted my Empower Network business.. You see I had hit the Top Position of a Health and Wellness Company and just a few days before I heard about Empower Network and locked my position with EN I put in my resignation letter which was one of the more HARDEST decisions I ever made in life.

So when I joined Empower Network I was very wounded and in need much healing. It was an extremely emotional time all I remembered was that I was trying to find a HOME in the Network Marketing Industry and I (REALLY) wasn't aware of what was happening all around me on the Internet!

You see… there were people who were able to capitalize off of being there in the beginning and many of those individuals were blessed with the opportunity to Make 6 Figures and I’m not talking about $100,000 and YES that’s still great money but I’m talking about people like Tracey Walker who kept it moving in spite of all of the glitches with servers crashing due to the high amount of traffic that EN was generating, paypal issues because they act crazy when A LOT of money is now going thru someone’s account in a short time frame.

She kept it moving and because of it was blessed to earn well over $300,000 within 12 months! 
The Girl is BAD!!!! Tracey Walker Internet Marketing QUEEN

Powerful isn’t it?

Oh!!! And did I mention that she just purchased a Maserati with her EN MONEY!!! Don't know what that is.... Go to google ok ;) wink wink

So now, [1 Year Later] here I am, already partnered with a  GREAT COMPANY that has proven itself by paying MILLIONS of dollars in commissions, has allowed MANY people to generate their 1st SALE online and I had to come to the realization that If I am going to create “Life Changing Success” on the Internet I had better get my bottom :) BACK IN THE GAME!

So let me ask you a few questions…

*If you had a chance to work with a group of people who have ALREADY achieved success ONLINE would you be willing to humble yourself and allow them to HELP teach you the way!

*Are you burnt out because of Network Marketing?

*Have you been spinning your wheels over the Internet (Trying) to build a business but still with no Success?

*Are you tired of doing presentations OR going to weekly meetings?

Empower Network May Be For You!

Let’s Connect Today!

If you haven’t watched this video to hear from our Founders and others who have achieved Success

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Some Pictures of Nicole and I enjoying our Trip to the BAHAMAS AND Our Wonderful
Husbands who have put up with ALL OF OUR Money Making Endeavors :)
Us looking at pictures!!!!!

Out in the middle of the dang gone Atlantic Ocean SOMEWHERE!!!

In the Bahamas Baby!!!

We had sooo much FUN!!!

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Lenika Scott,
Proud Work At Home Wife & Mom of 6 Gurls


  1. OMG Lenika, this is one of the most powerful messages I've ever read from you and Thank God, your finally sharing your story... It's time to be very open and honest with people and help get them to a place where they can be honest with themselves! You and I have been through a lot and it's time that we maximize this opportunity to impact the lives of others who have been through the exact same scenario... or similar, and need guidance and clarity, as well as a home! So happy your back chica!

  2. Great story. I partnered with Empower Network under you in Dec of 2012. I am looking forward to being coached and earning a significant 6-figure income in 2013. You are a great leader, mother and business woman! I will be a network/internet marketer for life!!!

    -Jenelle Joynes

  3. Awe thanks so much!!! You are sooo right Nicole Cooper. When we share from the heart people are set free. Certainly more to come!!!

  4. Awe Jenelle!! Thanks sooo much. You have everything it takes my sister!!!

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