Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you being Too EMOTIONAL in Business?

I HATE to Burst Someone’s Bubble but you CAN NOT get sooooo “Emotionally Attached” in the area of entrepreneurship that it starts to affect your button line.

When we start a business, we start a business to do what... Make Money!

When seasons are shifting and changing, we have to learn how to go with the flow, adjust and change accordingly.

In 2008 I’d partnered with a company but one year later I sensed that it was time to go, it was as if doors were closing and nothing I did produced any longer. Shifting had indeed occurred and God had started opening “New Doors”.

Although I didn’t understand why he was instructing me to make a clean break I did just that. I sent a letter of resignation in, released that business and let it go!

People were upset; many deleted me as friend on the social media platforms and darts were thrown. Nonetheless, I kept it MOVING! Here it is, a few months later (because I kept it moving) I was able to hit the Top position of another company I’d realigned with! I went on to produce a business that generated Millions for the company and made A LOT of Money in the process!

PLEASE NOTE: Had I stayed connected to the other company while God was telling me to leave, I would have missed out on MUCH!!!!

Then, a little over a year after that took place while Nicole Cooper and I were visiting London… She said “Lenika, you are TOO EMOTIONAL”. I remembered us standing in the elevator going back and forth because I was very upset about some situations that were occurring in our organization.

~Nicole & I in London~

She proceeded to say, you can’t allow your emotions to get the best of you in business! And though those words were VERY sharp and felt as if a knife were cutting me in my gut, I will never forget the power behind those words.

A year after that which was now 2011, I stood in that same position (Yet again). Should I stay OR should I leave? What about the people? This time (to me) it was worse because of the level of position I had obtained. The doors were closing and as I sought the Lord I knew he was releasing me. Not only that, when looking at things from a business perspective the business just not producing any longer. Making the same decision that I made in 2009, I resigned. This time, the weight of the pain was greater but I had to press pass the pain, the ridicule, and the attacks from others because at the end of the day, it was a business decision!

Here it is, 19 months after that decision and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve moved forward and haven’t looked back. Since moving forward I’ve seen earnings made in (ONE BUSINESS DAY) that were more than what I was currently experiencing in (A MONTHLY PAYCHECK) with the company I resigned from.

I’ve studied the lives of Millionaires and below are a few things they have in common.

They make business decisions based upon the button line! They make decisions quick!
They don’t ponder over something months after months regarding a change that needs to be made.
If they make a decision that was not a good decision they quickly change directions, get back in alignment and go forth!
They don’t get so caught up in what others are going to say about them.

I’ve also learned this, people are going to talk about you IF you are producing and they are going to talk if you are not producing.

BUT No one is going to pay your own bills!!! I don’t know who this message was for on today but I pray it bless and FREE someone!!!

Below you will find a write up that I snatched from Forbes Website. Full article link below.

You’ve spent hours upon hours perfecting the name, the product or service offering, and the website.
But there comes a time when your emotions can get in the way of making hard decisions. It might be when you need to fire a friend or family member because they’re underperforming. Or maybe it’s when you realize it’s time to nix a product or service that simply isn’t making money.
Whatever the case, it can be difficult to take emotion out of the situation and do what’s best for your business. Ease the stress of strong emotions in the following ways:

Look at metrics and analytics. Hard numbers can put a situation in perspective. Keep track of everything in a spreadsheet so you can clearly look at how each aspect of the business is performing. This can help you determine where you’re excelling and where you need to improve.

Step back and look at it from a strictly business perspective. Act like you’re not financially or emotionally involved, or ask a trusted mentor to help you look at it from that perspective. If you force yourself to step outside of the situation, it can be easier to see what is best for the business, minus the emotions that often come into play.

Closely research every decision. Emotional decisions are often quick ones. Research can help you stop and think about what you’re doing and look for evidence that you’re making the best choice possible. Look to the Internet, your trusted network and other business resources to discover the best solution.

Analyze previous decisions. Look at all of your business decisions –where have you succeeded and failed? What factors played a role in success or failure? If emotions were present, how did they affect the outcome of the situation?

Take a break. Emotions run high when you’re feeling pressured — say, when an employee makes a mistake or a client fails to pay one month. To ensure emotions don’t get in your way, take a break from the situation. If you’re with an employee or a client, excuse yourself from the situation for five to 10 minutes. If the decision doesn’t need to be made right away, give yourself some time to think about it. You’ll come back to the situation with a fresh perspective and feel less pressure overall.
How else can young women entrepreneurs take emotions out of business decisions?

Regards, Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

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