Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Proverbs 31 Woman AKA The Virtuous Woman

10 Proverbs 31 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

This morning the Lord led me to read Proverbs 31 on the prayer call. It was such a great reminder of all the wonderful ways this precious woman arose to the occasion.

So I thought it would be great for us to have an open discussion and other women shared what they took away from the scripture and what stood out to them.

Of course I share how she was a Powerful “Business Woman”~

Another shared that she was such a Great “Servant”~

While another shared that she was a woman who had an Amazing “Prayer Life”~

Another spoke on the fact that handled her business in all areas and she was not “Lazy”~

Another talked about her having such a “Pure Heart”~

She was Powerful Wife, Mom, and wore many hats~

I can go on and on about this Incredible Woman but I challenge all women to read this thread and meditate on these scriptures and I also challenge you to “ARISE”!!!

There are always areas in our lives where we can improve, don’t focus on what you should be doing or focus on what you could have done better yet focus on how great you are going to become and may God give you the strength to carry out all of the assignments he has instructed you to carry out.

We can excel in all areas as we yield our lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because it is him that equips us and gives us the strength. Below you will find such a beautiful breakdown on this powerful woman.
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Attributes of the “Proverbs 31 Woman”

Trustworthy (v.11) her husband has given her his complete and total trust and confidence. He isn’t worried about her cheating, lying or stealing from him, this girl is has her man’s full confidence.

Pleasant Attitude (v.12) so she is of good character and spirit, she submits to her husband and she is wishes to treat her husband and family well, everything that comes from her to them is filled with love and goodness.

Hardworking (v.13, v.17, v. 18, v. 19) the scripture alludes several times to her industrious, diligent nature and her willingness to work hard.

Concerned about the well-being of her family (v. 15) she takes the time to prepare the things they need as well as making sure that provisions are supplied for those that work for her. Her kids aren’t running out of the house on the way to school with empty bellies or looking unkempt. Homegirl is up early in the morning, making sure everyone has what they need.

Wealth builder/Investor (v. 16) she might have a man with a six-figure salary, but she is not solely reliant upon him, she considers her own investments and wealth building.

Entrepreneurial (v.18) she makes and sells products, she is a business woman!

Generous (v.20) she gives to those in need, she is concerned about the condition of the poor.

Prepared (v.21) she knows that her children will need sandals in the summer and coats in the winter, she anticipates their necessities and she is not caught off guard when the time comes.

Regal (v. 22) although, the woman in this scripture was actually of a high social class, being ‘regal’ is not just about social standing and money, but also pertains to the way we carry ourselves. We are daughters of the King of King’s, and we should act like it!

Good sense of humor and strong (v.25) she carries herself with dignity and strength. When she thinks about what might happen in the future, she can laugh, she doesn’t sweat the small stuff or take life too seriously.

Wise and Discerning (v. 26) she is a woman who has wisdom, she does not speak or act in foolish a foolish manner. This is not the woman you see flipping out on the cashier at the grocery store over a coupon being expired. This isn’t the girl that is disrespecting or demeaning her man publicly. She’s not the mom who comes to her child’s school dressed in a mini-skirt, a halter top and six inch heels. No, she is discerning, she is thoughtful of her speech and actions, and she is very considerate of how she makes decisions.

In touch with her family (v. 27) she is in constant communication with her children and husband and all that concerns her home. She knows where they are, who they are with and is not caught up in things that will distract her from the matters of home, nor is she allowing room for the enemy to come and make his home in hers. She does not “eat the bread of idleness” which means she is not lazy, sitting around doing nothing. She has work to do, she is about God’s business!

Revered by husband and family (v.28) have you ever seen a family whose members talk to and treat the head lady just any type of way? Well not this sister! Her man and her children have the deepest respect for her, and they should! She does a lot to make their house a home, along with loving them, clothing and feeding them, and keeping them well.

The Lord is the head of her life (v. 31) this is the biggest one ladies. Even in the midst of all that this woman does, she keeps the LORD at the top of the priority lists. She makes time to pray, read His word and listen to His gentle voice as the guide for her life. Not even her husband or children, whom she loves dearly, are permitted in interfere with the relationship she has with her Lord, because let’s face it…if we don’t keep God first, we can’t expect to realize any real sense of happiness or fulfillment in our lives

Lenika Scott
Proud Wife and Mom of 6

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