Friday, March 22, 2013

Since Re-Launching Empower Network!!!

In January, I announced that I was Re-Launching My Empower Network Business!!!

Sooooooo how have things been Since I've Re-Launched My Empower Network Business ask that question????

Well Well Well... as my granddaddy would say :)

Things have been going GREAT since I've Re-launched my Empower Network Business!!!!!!


But before I go any further, let me start by openly making this confession. I haven't completely given Empower Network my All and here is why......

I have been working on completing projects in my Web Design Business as well as trimming away the fat and cutting off some other business comittments to clear that path for me to Focus more in Empower.

I share that for this reason, IF I can get these results (without) being completely dedicated....

I know that ANYONE can get results!!! YES!!! You can get Online Results with EN!!!

If you look at the back office reports below you will see for yourself that income has come in ALMOST everyday and this month IS NOT complete.

But another thing that has me smiling from ear to ear and I don't think alot of people are aware of this...

In Empower Network the 1st [2 Products] that are purchased  are...

1) The Blogging System
2) The Inner Circle

Well...these products are where the RESIDUAL INCOME is earn every single month!

So, the sales you see below is a reflection of the RESIDUAL INCOME that I am earning with Empower Network!

And MONTH AFTER MONTH I will earn 100% Commissions again from the source!

The Formula they teach in Empower Network is simple!

2 Per Day...

Focus on getting 2 people Per Day to Sign up on the $25 Level and after your
4th month you will well on your way to earning 6 Figures Per Year Online!

This System is EASY & the system is AMAZING!!!

Since Re-Launching Empower Network....

Since Re-Launching I've woken up MANY times to a New Person Enrolling!
Since Re-Launching I've made money while I was out to lunch with my daughter Jordan!
Since Re-Launching I've met somemore AMAZING people online!
Since Re-Laucching I've been able to MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE!!!


Again, All we have to do is Market Every Day and Blog Every Day!!!

Easy as 1 2 3

1.Blog DAILY!
2.Share with Others!

That is ALL....

 It is this very system that is responsible for paying over 1.8 million in commissions within 60 days of its inception and nearly $25 million now that we’re closing in on our first year

Effortless Mastery and Effortless Income Generation!!!

No Home Parties, No Weekly Meetings, No Driving Across Town with Products in the Car, No 10% Commissions!!!
100 % Commissions Earned!!!!
 Join Today!
ONLY $25
If you NEED to watch our Video
Click Below!

If you haven't seen this post yet CLICK HERE to see "WHY" I Re-Launched My EN Biz!!!

Lenika Scott,
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6


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