Friday, January 11, 2013

How and Why I Started Web Design!!!

It all starts with this statement that we OFTEN hear….

IF God tells you to do something you have to OBEY!

You may never know why he is telling you to do what he is telling you to do. We must trust that he know best!!! During the time I started my Web Design Business, it wasn’t something that I had set out to do. I didn’t wake up with this brilliant idea saying “Hummmm I think I will start a Web Design Business”. It didn’t happen like that at all.

I will never forget the day when Crystal Graham called me. It was a very painful time because my father in law who is sooo dear to me was going thru an illness and at the time and he was about to make his transition to heaven. I bring this up because during that time we were dealing with his illness and starting a Web Design business was the furthest from my mind.

When Crystal called me she said that she was in need of a website and that someone had quoted her a price and she wanted to know if I knew of someone who I could refer. Before I could opened my mouth to speak or offer advice about getting a Website , They Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “You Design the website”!!! Yes, tell her you can do it for her! I remember going back in forth in my mind with The Holy Spirit but I KNEW it was him… This went on for a few seconds keeping in mind that she was on the phone awaiting my response. Immediately I blurted out “I CAN DO IT”!!! If they said they would charge you $600 do to your site then I can do it for half and charge you $300! She said ok. Well how do you want to do this? I said well let me send you an invoice for $200 and you can pay the remaining balance once your website is complete. She agreed and within 24 the invoice of $200 was sent, payment was received and I started working on her website!

Now, let me rewind a month prior to this. Around the same time I was hosting a Women’s Retreat in Florida and instead of outsourcing and hiring someone to build me a website I decided to do it myself. So, I searched online for free platforms that would allow me to build websites for free and I found I knew that based upon all the time I spent online and some creative skills God had given me I could certainly pull off a nice enough website to present for this womens retreat so I designed my own site a month prior to Crystal reaching out to me! God was preparing me before I say YES!!!

Take a Look Here at the site I built on Weebly….

Or try this link...

So after she paid the invoice I decided to use the same platform for designing her site NOT REALIZING then that God was up to something. I just obeyed, created, designed, got paid and moved forward! Then he started sending me business and after that I started to learn new skills, I transitioned over to the wix platform hence most of the designs you see are using the wix platform.

But here is the part that most people are unaware of and this is the part that I know will touch many of your hearts and I pray that you understand this…. when God speaks we have to listen! When God spoke to me about designing Websites it was during late spring of 2011, by the summer I had picked up a few more clients and by the fall of the year I was about to make a huge transition in business.

During that time my primary business was not doing good and the Multi-Million Dollar Business that had been built was increasingly dropping in sales and we NEEDED HELP!!!!! Yes Financial HELP that is…

I remember my oldest daughter Jazmine telling me she needed money for a trip and I said baby we need to pray and trust God for the answer! AND… she didn’t need $20. We set at the kitchen table and prayed together and right after we prayed someone called me and said they wanted a website!!!! I said baby there is your $300 right there!!!! But this was such a beautiful lesson for my teen daughter regarding the power of prayer and the power of agreement!

We had to make a business decision to resign from the company and therefore every penny in residual income that we were receiving from the company was no longer there because we made a decision to cut it off, trust God and move forward!!!
The Beautiful Veronica Jolivette

I remember Veronica Jolivette who was also a Top Leader in the same company calling me after she heard that I had resigned and she ask well “How are you doing Lenika”. I didn’t know that your business took such a hit! How are you guys doing financially??? And instantly she said give me your account # I am going to put money in your bank account and with excited me I said “I Can Design You A Website”!!! She said I don’t care I just want to help you and your family! I didn’t just want her giving me money so with the skill I had learned I thought it would be a great idea to create her a website after blessing us in such a great way!

Veronica’s Website Click Pic To View Site

So now we were approaching the holidays and for Christmas of 2011 (to me) would have been a disaster had it not been for my Web Design Business. All I’m going to say is this… The girls would have been happy. And the lifestyle that they were accustomed to living was not affected because Mommy was able to go and spend $2000 on Christmas gifts for them!!!

I have seen Thousand Dollars Days because of this Web Design Business but it all started with me being obedient to The Holy Spirit for he saw what would take place months before it happened and had I not been in place with a skill set that I started to develop due to obedience “Who Knows”???

He then told me that I want you to “Teach Others How To Do This” Hence the banner class that I started a few months ago and guess what? The 1st class generated almost $2000 and on the day I had the live class $1000 came through my Paypal account! FULL WEB DESIGN Class "being developed" to be launched soon!!!

Yes!!! How To Build or Start You Own Web Design Business!!!

He said I want you to show other Mom's how they can earn $4000 Per Month with their own Web Design Business!!! So this vision has been unfolding and it begin to get clearer and clearer why he wanted me to step out in this direction as another income stream!

What we have to understand is God doesn’t necessarily tell us EVERY REASON behind why he is telling us to do something BUT there is always a reason. I pray that this has encouraged someone. It is because of my Web Design Skills that I was able to personally put up countless websites for myself that brought in business! I don’t know it all, I am still learning but this is one thing I do know! When you obey God things will always work out on your behalf and even if it is not for the present moment there is certainly an expected end! On that day, I had no idea what God was birthing as a result of my “YES”!!! I’ve met some amazing and beautiful people through this business alone and I can’t wait to see the journey that awaits me.

Client who was Featured on OPRAH!!!

Click Pic to View Site

What has he told you to do?
What’s in your hands?
Don’t allow your disobedience to hinder the blessings for you and your family!

I pray you enjoyed this blog post!

 Lenika Scott Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

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  1. Love this post. Thank you for sharing your heart, and for being the fabulous woman you are! I for one and very appreciative of you! :=)

  2. I just happened to come across your information on facebook. I am very much so interested in learning. I have spent so much money on banners, websites, etc. I always have different creative designs in my head but spending the money over and over adds up. I will definitely be signing up. Thank you, I am a mom of 4 boys and 1 girl.

  3. Awe thanks sooo much Becki!!! And I appreciate you as well :)

  4. Ok great! As soon as you are ready to go for it. I will be right here. Here is the URL Message me on fb so I can attach a face with the words :)

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