Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Become Your OWN Success Story!!!

This post was inspired by a facebook status comment I put on my page this morning and it reads....

Sometimes you've gotta "BLOW YOUR OWN MIND" and when you look back you will say WOW I really accomplished that. Give YOURSELF permission to do so!!!

In the Industry I am apart of we often ride the wave of those who have achieved a higher level of success that we desire. Often times, we will share another person’s success story in the hopes that we will convey a message to the other party who is listening to us pitch our Income Opt that success can be achieved. We will make comments like this…  “So and So is earning this a month” or “So and So has accomplished that”.

I want to personally encourage you to make the decision to......
 “Become Your OWN Success Story”.
Certainly, you have to start from somewhere and continue to build upon it while working your way up but don’t negate the fact that there is so much greatness in “YOU” thereby you focus more on the Success of another individual and not yourself. Let me share with you some Tips that I did before I began to build a success story of my own.
When I earned the $200, I let people know. I was so PROUD and I was not ashame. When my check increased to $1000 it was shouted across the mountain tops and as I begin to see myself being able to accomplish more I also share with others what I was doing. Not in a boastful or bragging way but in a way that if it happened to be if could definitely happen to them!

I’m sure you have heard some of these statements:
* That sista has it going on!
*OMG! Did you hear that she is now Earning $3000 Per Day Online?
*Wow! Did you hear about him, we went from living at home with his parents to now making $100,000 per month!
As you continue to strive for greatness, success and accomplishments in whatever you may be doing, don’t de-value “Your Own Story” while focusing so much on the Success of another person. By all means, this post is not coming from a place of jealousy or covetousness in what someone else has accomplished, because those of you who follow me are aware that I am a huge celebrator of others who have experienced success and I often say this….. what you can celebrate or embrace you can obtain.

However, this post is about you developing “Your OWN Success Story”!!! It is okay to focus on your accomplishments in addition to being proud of what you have been able to achieve.
Encouraging and challenging you to push “YOURSELF” pass your own limitations so that you can be that person called on the stage, you can be the one on the receiving end presented with awards and recognition, you can be the person where your name is constantly being heard.
At the end of the day, you can’t spend “So and So’s” check BUT you certainly can take pride in going to the bank with yours!!!

When I earned my first 6 Figures in network marketing, I declared it was so and I believed in myself before it manifested!!! Although I would share the Success of others while marketing or presenting, I would also see myself in the same position as those in whom I would be speaking of.
To your Success,
Lenika Scott
Proud Momprenuer of 6 Girls


  1. Ohhhhh thanks sooo much for these POWERFUL words of encouragement and belief Lenika!

  2. I really like your views about the success that if we share our success with others then we will get motivated. It always encourages us to do more and more and achieve more success in life.

  3. This is an awesome testimony. It is nice to hear success stories such as yours!

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