Monday, April 13, 2009

~The Incorruptible Seed~

Written By Kim Potter
I spent a lot of time in fasting and prayer in March - in April, God is requiring that I spend most of my time in the word of God. Therefore I have been devouring teaching and my Bible.

I want to talk with you about seed today - not financial seed - the incorruptible seed of the word of God. Incorruptible means not perishable, not able to decay. The word of God, as the word tells us will stand forever. It cannot fail and it will not decay.

The Bible says 'in the beginning was the word.' In other words, before you start on any new adventure, or new business or new anything...the word should come first. You should look to the word for your situation and begin to meditate on those words until they literally become life to you. Whatever you are about to begin - must begin with God's word. Your business should be birthed in the word of God. Your marriage should begin with the word of God. Your decisions should be done according to the word of the beginning MUST be the word.

The Bible also says 'the sower sows the word.' The word of God is seed to those who live in the Kingdom of God. The way we produce anything is through the word - by sowing the word of God. The way we sow the word of God in God's Kingdom is to say it - to say it is to sow it. To say it is to sow it - when we say the word - we are sowing and when we sow we will produce something.

Whatever you sow - you will reap. You won't see anything until you say it but once you say it - whatever IT is - you will see it. It's the law of God.

Let me give you an illustration of how it works. When you sow a seed in the ground, perhaps you want to grow corn, you sow seeds for corn. You don't tell the ground to produce corn - the ground knows its job and it simply causes the seed to grow and produce what it was sown for. Farmers don't have to make the ground produce - it just does. The Bible says the good ground is a man's heart - the inner most part of man. When we sow seed into the ground of our heart - it simply does its job - it causes that seed to produce a harvest.

Whatever seed you are sowing into the good ground, you can rest assured that your heart is doing its job and causing that seed to grow up and produce a great harvest. That's the good news. That means when you sow the word of God into your heart - it will produce what it was sent for. It will produce a harvest and just as Proverbs teaches us - you will live by the fruit of your mouth.

On the other hand, if you are sowing negative words, your heart is still doing its job - causing that seed of the words you are sowing to grow up and produce a great harvest - it works with negative words just the same as it does with the word of God.
We often wonder why we sow financial seeds and never see a harvest. If you sow a financial seed and then say 'that sowing stuff never works for me' then I promise you that you will have what you say - it won't work for you. Or if you say 'I sowed a seed but it hasn't helped a thing.' Then it won't help at all - your ground - your heart - will bring forth a harvest of those negative words.

However, if you sow a financial seed and then begin to declare - 'I am a sower - I have sown in good ground and I know I have caused a large harvest to come my way, I am ready for that harvest and it is here, in my hands now.' Your heart will cause those words to produce what they were sent for.

Now you may think this sounds too spiritual or too hard, but if you look at all the ministers or Christians who are walking in the abundant life of God in every area - you will notice one thing about all of them - they speak ONLY the word of God - all the time and over every situation. You will never find them praying over a situation and then when asked about it say 'it still hasn't changed.' Why not? Because they know the harvest that those words will produce is NO CHANGE. No! Those who are seeing the abundance of God are saying the same thing all the time. They know they will have what they say and they watch what they say.

In my own life, I have noticed that I slack with my words around certain people. You know, those people who you feel like you can be 'real' with? Some people will ask me about certain things and I will answer with 'what I see' instead of what I know to be the word of God. Frankly, I didn't realize I was doing it until I began to study the word so much this past weekend. I can tell you this - for me it stops. I will speak only the word at all times - if I am asked about situations - I will no longer say 'well, it's not changed yet' instead I will say 'I thank my God that He has moved mightily on my behalf and it has all changed for my good.'

I firmly believe, but not only believe, I know that if I say nothing but what the word says, my world will change and line up with His word - I know this because His word says so and His word teaches me how to bring it to pass - it's simple - sow the word of God into the good ground of my heart - say nothing but the word over every situation - and the good ground of my heart will do its job - cause the seeds of my words to grow and produce a great harvest.

It's time we see Gods hand of blessing in our life - don't you think? Then know this - you will see one thing...what you sow and what you sow is simply what you say.

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