Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Getaway! Enjoy your 2013 Summer!

This past weekend we had a

blast as we traveled to Maryland

to enjoy sometime with the Family!

My husband side of the family hosted

Its 48th Yearly Family Reunion!

One of the great things about the planning

Committee was that they allowed us

A great deal of “Free Time” so that we

Could enjoy the surrounding areas!

We ended up lodging at a great area in Maryland

Where there was a lot to do!

On Saturday we visited “The Harbor” which is

A highly tourist attraction area in Maryland and

Also many of the locals enjoy this throughout the year!

Check out our picture! Tonya, Dexter, Sonya & Michael.


I received a double treat when I finally got a chance

To connect with someone I’d met on Myspace years ago!

Remember Myspace? That is where my Online Marketing

Business started! Anyway, I had a chance to meet Sonya and

Michael Bailey and their beautiful children. (See Picture Above)

In the video below I share the importance of “Getting Away”

How I am encouraging others to

Get Away this Summer for Vacation

OR take a few days away to enjoy

Some time with family! You work sooo HARD!!! You Deserve to Get-A-Way!!!


Whew... my girls did a number on me lol

Ummmmmmm Ummmmmmm GOOD!!!!!!

I also have to SHARE this!!! The Maryland Crabcakes are the BEST!!! The Crabcake below came from a restaurant in Maryland called Jerry's Seafood. Home of the Crab bomb! You could select from crabcake that cost $15 or one that was $28! This Crabcake literally melted in my mouth and I must admit, I was sad when I took my last bite lol.




Thank you for stopping by on today!!!

Lenika Scott

Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls


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