Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lenika was just BLESSED with a Lexus

God is in the Restoring Business and he ALWAYS know what you need when you need it. A few months ago my husband started asking me “What kind of car did I want”?


During that time, I wasn’t thinking about a car at all and to be honest it was the furthest from my mind.

Because we have so many children, I drive around in a Sequoia and have been driving this vehicle for years. Since she is also paid off, (to me) there was no reason to get another vehicle.

But this is what I really want you to understand because this is TRULY a story of **RESTORATION**

Not only was this a gift from my husband it was a gift from my heavenly father.

You see…
Years ago when Gregg and I had hit the Top Position of a MLM Company many of the Top Leaders earned a Beautiful Silver Mercedes Benz. Guess what? I was only a few thousand points away. YES!!! We had to Qualify for $500,000 in Sales (in 1 Month) in order to get the Mercedes Benz.

Well… I had produced $500,000 in sales for the month BUT it was not balanced so I wasn't able to obtain the vehicle.

 However, because our God is a God that sees our end from our beginning it was so not meant for me to earn the car because even though the car had to be earned, you would still need to produce the required amount of sales each month in order for the car to be paid for by the company.

God knew that our business would take a turn that we hadn't anticipated and he even saw that it would occur a couple years after we started.

Which brings me to this POINT……

If I had earned the car, the car right now would have GOTTEN REPOSSESSED because there was no way we would have been able to keep up with the Mercedes Benz Car Payments!

When Gregg started asking me about a car I immediately wanted to test drive a Mercedes or a BMW. But after testing the Mercedes, I looked at my hubby and said let me see if I like the feel of a Lexus and now the rest is history!

We got the car and it was priced $5000-$7000 lower than normal price and it dawned on me AFTER we drove the car off the lot that it was SILVER!!!

In fact I was looking at another Lexus but God saw it fit to give me this one!!!

I’d also like to add…..

She drives sooooo SMOOTH!!!!
And…She is PAID OFF!!!!
No Car Payments AT ALL… 

In this season of Blessing its not about how much you make its about how much you keep!!!!

God is good and YES.. he is greatly to be PRAISED!!!

Words of Encouragement~
Sometimes when you are in the midst of a storm and you don’t understand WHY you are going through just understand that he has your best interested at heart. Leaving the Network Marketing Company after building a business that had produced Millions in Revenue for the company was a huge disappointment and hurt for me (And I will Soon Share more of my uncut unedited bouce-back story) …

but what I’ve learned and I am still learning is this...

When Gods hand is upon your life he always brings seasons of RESTORATION. You can count on that!

Lenika Scott


  1. Praise God Lenika!!! I am so Happy and grateful to hear your powerful testimony.... keep sharing God's love girl!

  2. Thanks so much for your reply sis! I am grateful that it blessed you! Regards, Lenika~

  3. Lenika My dear when GOD, have you covered, no matter how hard the devil try to take your garment off he just can't take the one that GOD puts on So what GOD has for you it is for you!!!!

  4. Inspired! Tusting The Most Most High even more as a result of this testimony. Thank you for your transparency. Your new car is so classy and YOU!!!!! :) (Awesome job Gregg! He should write a book on how to treat your woman and how to keep the fire lit.)

  5. Praise God for His faithfulness...What a powerful testimony of the faithfulness of God. Keep being a light that shines brightly Lenika. He sure leads us in the way we should go.

  6. Wow, Congrats on the Lexus, Lenika! Lexus is a great car to own; just give it the proper maintenance and you would have with this car for a long time. You could even hand it down to one of your children after 17 years or more, and it would still run smoothly.

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