Friday, April 5, 2013

I had my first $1000 Day with Empower Network Since Re-Launching!!!

I had my first $1000 Day with Empower Network Since Re-Launching my business!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Many of you have seen me post about Empower Network as I Re-Launched my business a couple of months ago! Well on this past Thursday April 3rd I was about to go to bed and I decided to check my phone and I saw an email that said Congrats you’ve just received a powerline payment of $1000 !!!!

Now I’ve have many $1000 days in business BUT when it’s the FIRST, there is always just a great feeling of Joy and Excitement but most importantly, such confirmation that I made the best decision to focus my attention on building my business with Empower Network!

This was the email I sent my sponsor Nicole after I saw that the Commission had come through! And you will see her reply :)

BTW...... Nicole just had a $40,000 Month with Empower Network! Isn't that AMAZING????

But guest what?

It didn't stop there.......

I also decided to check my Back Office and on that day I actually received a payment to my account of $25 and $100 (which were both monthly 100% Commission Payments Residual Income, meaning we earn those commissions month after month. So on April 3rd, I actually earned $1124!!!

The thing I so love about this business is this..

It’s Done ALL Online

It’s Simple, It’s Doable, AND It’s Refreshing to know that people from all walks of life are making money with Empower!

Don't Miss this ONLINE MOVEMENT!!! Many people around the world, including a ton of Top Leaders are partnering up with Empower Network to build a buiness Online!

Don't know what Empower Network is all about. Okay... read below!!! :)

So What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network is an online marketing community that equips it’s members with the training, resources and tools to generate massive results on the Internet in any business, industry or niche. The program is designed to eliminate common setbacks, challenges and stumbling blocks most people experience when starting a business.

Not only does Empower Network provide unrivaled information products, cutting-edge internet marketing training, and state of the art blogging platform; Empower Network’s affiliate program pays it’s members 100% of the commissions on all product sales and allows their members the opportunity to create an extraordinary income with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. Wherever you are in the world, you can build a successful business with Empower Network.

Do you want to make $25 a day? $100 a day? $1000 a day?

It’s now up to you. You have complete control. You just simply make the decision, and we’ll deliver the team, the training, the traffic. Everything that’s made the top leaders in this network successful, will be shared with you! EVERY-THING!!! If you can follow instructions – you can do the same thing.

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