Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Talk About Talents!!!

Matthew 25:14-30

 Today I was reminded of this Parable that our precious Lord and Savior shared.... I pondered on this scripture after receiving a Testimony from a precious sister in Christ. (See what she wrote below)  Encouraging you on today to think about the talents that your heavenly father have given you, dig deep and really be real with yourself! Are you burying your talents OR are they being used for the Glory of God! Some of us have buried our talents because of the opinions of others! Some of us have buried our talents because of fear! Some of us have buried our talents due to procrastination. But what ever the case may be, God is calling you to rise up and share those gifts and talents with the world (as unto him). We all know how the story ended up and it wasn't a pretty sight! Allow the world of God to minister to you as you reflect and ponder on this question. Are you burying your talents OR are you allowing them to be used to the Glory of God?

Here is what was written...

GM Lenika, I am a humbled and honored to be connected to you. You a RARE creature. Worth MORE than your weight in gold. Since our connection you have continued to pour into me and others "unselfishly". Although, it is biblical that you "monetize" your gifts/talents (in its appropriate time). S/N; that is why God said He has given you the ability to get wealth Deu 8:18. YOU FREELY give of yourself and knowledge as you are lead to. When most simply try to "fleece the flock" for EVERY dime they can get and you still walk away needing to PAY MORE to have the whole picture. Last nites webinar was PACKED with EVERYTHING needed "to eat for a lifetime". ~"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime"~ PLEASE continue to release the greatness that is in you into the earth. We ALL need it!!! I declare and decree you and your family receive a 10,000 fold return to you in EVERY area of your lives. Please thank Gregg and your girls for allowing us to have you for a few hours to help change generations! Love You, Tonya Callender

 ~Lenika Scott~ Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Gurls

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