Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lead Capture Page That Converts!!!

I was searching the Net to find a Lead Capture Page that creates and I just happen upon this site so I decided to add this info on my blog with the hope that it can help someone just like it helped me! I've created my very own Lead Capture Pages and in time past I have been able to generate leads but also lose many leads but not having some of the pertinent information that this article suggests!
The entire post can be found RIGHT HERE ... BUT again, I decided to post this to my personal blog as this information greatly blessed me. In fact, I've heard other Internet Marketers suggest these bullet points as well.

Are you finding that your squeeze page conversion rates are not where you want them to be?
Having a squeeze page or lead capture page is not enough. You have to have one that draws the reader in, that keeps them reading, and that in the end makes them opt-in to list. After all, that is the whole point of the page.
Below are five critical components of a lead capture page.
1) The Headline. 
This in itself is the most important piece of your squeeze page. If the headline itself does not create enough draw for the person to continue reading, you are done before you even start.
You want your headline to present a solution to a problem that you know exists in your target market or a often asked question. You can ask a question such as "How to........." or "Did you know..." or make a bold statement like, "Discover the secret...".
You want to make the font to your headline bigger than the rest of the page and a widely used color for headlines is red because it makes it stand up and shout. Your headline should be no longer than twenty or so words. Play around with the underlining, bold, and capitalizing until you find a fit that looks right.
2) The Sub-Heading. 
This is the part below the headline that gives your reader just a little bit more than the headline. If you asked a question in your headline this could be the place to get the answer. If you made a statement, this is where you can clarify it a little more. This is where you show them that you have the solution that they are looking for.
You still do not want to give too much information here. It is kind of a teaser to keep your readers going. Don't forget the purpose of the squeeze page is to get your readers to respond by signing up to your offer.
Make this a little smaller than your headline and the same color type as the rest of your page. You can bold or italicize the subheading depending on how it fits with your heading.
3) The Body or the Bullets. 
This is where you are going to give the benefits of what you are offering. The bullet format is widely used but you can put text in too.
The body of your squeeze page creates the desire. Desire to learn more about what you are offering, desire to reap the benefits that you are giving, and desire to be on the other side of the page.
Your bullets are important in the lead capture page and just your wording can make your page very strong. Consider the statement below:
Marketing Strategies that will help you build your business
Powerful marketing strategies that will easily explode your business in ways you never dreamed possible.
Obviously, even though they say basically the same thing there is a world of difference.
The body can also be a place for testimonies of your product or newsletter, or a place for you to insert screen shots. The body can be as long or as short as you want as long as it is bold, makes a statement, compels the reader to keep going, and gets the point across. (Remember the point of the squeeze page is for people to opt in.
Again, play around with the bold type, the underlining, the font etc. until it has the right feel.
4) The form or subscription box. 
Ah-ha! This is it. This is where you wanted your reader to get to. Believe it or not the way you set up your sign up box on your lead capture page is really important. You don't want to ask your reader to give you too much information in the first shot or you might scare them off. General consensus points to asking for name, email address, and phone number.
Your subscription box code can be found within your autoresponder. By placing this code on your lead capture page the readers that opt in will immediately begin to receive your auto responder messages.
The wording on your opt-in box is important too. You will want to test different wording out to see what gives you the best response. Just changing the words Subscribe now! on the button to Sign Up Here! may change your conversion rate.
5) Call to Action. 
This is what makes the readers of your squeeze page take action. It gives them a quick run down of what they are getting by opting in. This is where you can put in a bonus if you are offering one. This is your last chance to get your reader to sign up with you before they leave the page.
Bonus Element... 
Make it real, make it personal. So many lead capture pages out there have so many over the top claims that readers are becoming immune to what is being said. Speak to your reader, make sure you have your squeeze page aimed at your target market, and go.
The bottom line is that lead capture pages are there for one reason- to capture peoples' information and add them to your list. It will take some trial and error and you will probably change around your information quite a bit as time progresses.
Just like anything else, getting out there and posting your lead capture page is your first step. If you spend months and months perfecting your squeeze page before you post it you may be missing out on a whole lot of leads.
Much Success,
Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

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