Thursday, April 19, 2012

Start With What You Have!

WOW!!!!!!! I just finished watching this AMAZING video of a family that built a Multi-Million Dollar Business starting with next to nothing!

The reason I share this story on my blog is because there are many people out there wondering if stories like this are achievable for them.

It certainly can!

I find much Passion in encourging others to "Dream Big" and not surrcome to thoughts of failure. To me, this story is another Reminder that Dreams come true, business(es) are still thriving and other's are making it happen with a small investment and a small start up cost!

What do you have in your hand?
What kind of idea's do you have that needs to be implemented.

Hummm.......Only you can answer that!

As you read this story understand this my friend... You are one Idea away from building
"A Million Dollar Entreprise" or even "A Billion Dollars".


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Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls

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