Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Glory is in The Story by Lenika Scott

The Glory is in The Story!!!

“Faithfulness Always Wins”
Platinum President Erika Mcqueen Interviews Lenika Scott! She shares from her heart many of the things she endured as she patiently persevered with the dream to become Successful in the Home Based Business Industry.


*She shares how she gave up her Career in Biology/Chemistry to Stay at Home with her girls.
*She shares how she didn’t give up on the Industry because of failure.
*When she received her 1st 5 Figure Check in the Industry
*Shared her Testimony of being able to Travel across the Atlantic to London Travel across the Pacific to Hawaii!!!


Click on the link below (listen from your computer) to hear her Testimony....

The Interview last about 18 mins.

Running My Mouth(lol) I was sooo Excited when I saw my picture on the wall of the Corporate Office of Ardyss International Multi-Millionaire Dollar Company!!

“Faithfulness Always Wins” & The Glory is in The Story by Lenika Scott


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