Saturday, June 12, 2010

~The Power Of Your Words~

Our words have MUCH Power. Whether negative or positive, they carry MUCH weight. God spoke EVERYTHING into existence through his words so why would he expect anything different from us.

Below is an email that I received a few months ago and after reading it my thoughts were WOW WOW WOW. There is a reason I am sharing this today. As I sat in training that was provided by Myron Golden who is a Millionaire in the Network Marketing Industry, he shared with us the Power of the words we speak and he stated that he didn't see 6 figures until he first spoke it out of his very own mouth. Actually, there is no recollection of me sending this particular email to Schmella. She is now building a business with the same company that I too am partnered with. Apparently, on that day the Holy Spirit promoted me to include Schmella in this email.

Below you will find (a line) from the original email I sent and the section that was highlighted by her.

During the time I sent her the e-mail I was earning ONLY $300 per month with another home bases business I was apart of. Please Note: The current company that I am (NOW) partnered with.... I had not even enrolled into. Before the close of the year and only within 3 months we had earned 6 Figures in this Industry.

Again, we have the POWER to shape, created and change our destiny. I encourage to keep speaking and if you haven't
been speaking your promises into existence "START TODAY"!!! But not only speak them, activate those words until they produce life.

Lenika Scott
Christian Internet Marketer
Please see below.

Hey Lenika,

In the past two days, I've come across letters from you. The first one was a letter you typed to me in 2004 I think. I found it in my sock drawer of all places. Even now, the words move me!

The line below is from an email you sent in March of last year. I was cleaning out my inbox when I found it:

I aligned myself with a Christian Internet Marketing Coach and with the knowledge that I am receiving I will make 6 figures by the close of this year.

You spoke your success into existence. I am SO excited to be a part of your team!

Peace and Blessings to you,

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