Thursday, April 22, 2010

What A Difference 1 Year Can Make!!!

Many of you are aware that I am a Christian Internet Marketer, with that being said let me start by giving you a scripture of what the word of God Declares.

We overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Revelation 12:11

I really believe the more we share our Testimony, others will be set FREE.

On yesterday, it was my 1 Year Anniversary with
Ardyss International
a Health And Wellness Company that allowes me to
Work From Home.
As I reflect back over one year it brings tears to my eyes. What a difference a year has made still amazes me......the Growth, the Success, the rewards and most importantly the Joy that has come from being in a different place, a different place financially that is.

I believe so much so that our Testimony's not only encourage yet gives hope to others. Again, it is for that reason I decided to come on my blog and share from the heart what Ardyss International has done for my family in a 1 year time frame.

I remember as I started last year this same time, it was very new for me yet I believed in my heart that Success could be my portion. As I saw many other women already making it happen my thoughts were "I can as well". I also beleived I can become a true Success Story in Ardyss International. That is the belief I experienced then and I still live by to this day.

As I set out to build my business, I remember being attacked so much in my body and I could "Literally" feel the forces of darkness coming against me very strong yet I continued to persevere. I stayed at the Rank of Coordinator for 2 months as this was difficulty for me becasue I saw others who joined with me surpass me and bypass me in rank, yet I still congratulated them and stayed focus at the task at hand
(Building MY Business).
I continued to maintain the mindset of one who was already walking in the level of Success that I knew I could achieve.

I remember one of my business partners praying for me she is now an Executive President.... (Stephanie Farmer) which by the way, I met on facebook said... Lenika I know you feel resistance but I see Open Doors for you in the spirit.
"Open Doors". So I decided to go on a 21 day Daniel Fast and that fast literally broke open the heavens over my business.

In the month of the fast I acheived the Rank of President and our President Check was $15,000. Yes it is possible for a "Stay At Home Mom" to earn great money Working From Home.

The next month we acheived the Rank of Executive President our Check was $25,000.
Then next month we acheived the rank of Diamond President our Check was $55,000.
Then the following month We went PLATINUM PRESIDENT!!!! The TOP Rank in the company.
In 7 short months we climbed the TOP Rank in the company.

We have been CONSISTENTLY earning a 5 figure Check with this company. And that is UNHEARD of in Network Marketing. The level of Success that we and MANY others are experiencing, it normally takes years and years to acheive.

Our Companys Motto says this...
An appointment with Ardyss will CHANGE your life.
The other tagline says.......
Give us A Year and we will CHANGE your life.

I am an example of this becoming Reality but not only my life & my families life but the lives of MANY MANY MANY others.

In a few short months....

We Paid off $50,000 in Debt!!!

We Changed Our Zip Code!!!

Purchased a New Vehicle for my husband!!!

RETIRED My Husband!!!

Saving for our future!!!

NOW Opening up Mutliple Streams of Income!!!

It is my prayer that this has inspired someone on today to continue to look at the task before you, remember your "WHY" and it is very possible and achievable.

God Bless and Much Success,

For those of you who are INTERESTED IN "A Home Based Business"...

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  1. Lenika this is truly a blessing in so many ways. I have told you so many times how you inspire me. Your presence is so real and genuine and I still hope to be half the woman you are today. My interest may seem low but it's my finances that are low. But when I see and read every one of your testimonies, I know that it is possible and I can achieve, if I just believe!! Thank you again for who you are and what you do!!! Forever a role model in my eyesight!!! I pray continued blessings upon you and your family and your business!!!

  2. You continue to be such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with others as it will help to motivate and strengthen our faith. I am so happy for you and your family.

  3. What a powerful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so honored to have met you on facebook. You are truly an inspiration. May the Blessings of the Lord that make you Rich continue to be added to you and your family.

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