Friday, May 29, 2009


Talk About The Wealth Of The Wicked!!!

Yesterday while talking to Helen a mom of 5, she stated that her check last month was $90K. She said when the mailman dropped it off and she literally was about to pass out. At that point, I KNEW I made a GODLY Decision.

The Wealth Of The Wicked Is Layed Up For The Just…..Prov 13:22b

Many of US have heard this scripture preached throughout the years but still have not seen it come to pass in our own lives or bank accounts. In order for us to receive our blessings we need to make sure we position ourselves properly. In This Season, God is allowing it come to pass by way of a company called Ardyss International a company that just established it's headquarters in the US less than 2years ago!

Think about Wall Street...Many of these Millionaires, are being stripped before our very eyes and this is not a coincidence. Selfish and Greed has crippled the hearts of many and God is not pleased. It is TIME for us to receive our portion. That's right I am speaking that Our Home Will Be Completely DEBT FREE and we will take as many people with us (that want to come)!!!!

I Am An Internet Network Marketer and being on the Internet Often you hear what's HOT and what's NOT as it relates to The Home Based Business Industry, and when I started hearing all the buzz about Ardyss International and the "The Body Magic" I knew I had to align myself with this company.

I first heard about Ardyss International back in Jan and the distributor I was speaking with stated that her 1st check after 3 weeks was $2400 and her check in April and May was over $40,000 and this amount didn't reflect personal sales. Again, I knew I had to join!

I started this business at the end of April and the stories that I am hearing of people being freed from dept are amazing. I’ve heard testimonies of people who have never been in any kind of business before come into this company and make 5 to 6 figure checks within their first few months. That's right... 5 to 6 figures each month!!!

We live in a microwavable generation where people want to see results. "THE BODY MAGIC" is allowing women to Instantly Regain Confidence without Diet, Pills, Exercise, Or Surgery allowing women to "DROP 3 DRESS SIZES in 10 Mins" also helping loose weight in the process.


Through Ardyss International
Many People are receiving their Inheritances Now!!!


Chyna evacuated from Hurricane Katrina to Atlanta, after relocating was diagnosed with Cancer, found our business and made over $100,000 only been working 5 months! WOW

Congratulations Jewel , she just made over $40,000 in one month. Only been in business 6 months

Congrats to Nia, $23,250 in one Month, Way to lead from the Top

Stormy W. who earned $86,000 in one month after being in business for 4
months...Stormy is a single mom who was in foreclosure about to loose everything, and she has earned $300,000 in 7 months.

Phyliss H earned $37,950 in one month after being in business for 5

BJ who earned 10,400 in one Month after 7 months

Ericka M who earned $17,000 in one month after 5 months

Erwin P who earned 18,000 in one month after 3 months

Marion N who earned $35,950 in one month after 4 months in business

Luster & Gina earned $100,000 in one month and they started the business in Jan

An Appt With Ardyss International Can Totally Change Your Life....

Are you TIRED of the 9 - 5?
Are you Happy With Your Job?
Do you have a Desire for MORE out of Life?
Are you TIRED of not having ENOUGH for you & your family?

This may not be for everyone BUT could be the vehicle God could use to help you accomplish the Goals That You Desire.

Lenika Scott
Proud Work At Home Mom of 6 Girls
919-661-0526 hm office


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