Thursday, April 9, 2009

Will you please God or Man?
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I went to church tonight. But before I left a knock was at the door. The kids were like daddy someones at the door. My husband came to the door and there stood two gentlemen. He invited them in and found out they were at our home due to a request card for information about some Bible books my husband sent out to get closer to God. And maintain that intimate relationship and teach our children the truth. I had no idea that they actually visited you instead of mailing you a response. However they begin to speak and share the gospel with my husband. I was working at the dining room table on my laptop. We were preparing for Bible study and we had someone to pick up on the way there. In addition to out 5 deep gang plus my son's friend. But when my husband gets involved in talking especially about God it will be awhile. So 7pm rolled around the kids started to get impatient so I decided to drop them off and come back for him.

But when I returned he was even more deep into the conversation and the sales pitch for these books that by the way are about $500.00. So I waited about 20 minutes and still no seeing of a end. So I informed him since he was having Bible study I was leavening for church. He said o.k. and I was out the door, but before I could pull off he asked me what about the books and my first reaction was we don't have no money for that right now. And I left and went to church I arrived about 30 minutes late. But I arrived just in time for the Bishop to deposit a word in me for this very situation. While I'm at church the Bishop spoke on will you choose to please God or man. And he gave an example of when God spoke to him about sowing a seed of $100 into an evangelist and he went and spoke to his wife and she said you give it God told you not me. So he went and got their last $100 that was suppose to be for grocery and went and personally put it in the evangelist hand and walked away. But he was saying okay God you better come through for me. He chose to please God instead of his wife and he knew he had to live with her but being obedient to God was more important to him in that situation. And needless to say that he got that $100 back in a matter of days and than some. And he also gained the trust of his wife that she now knew that he is hearing the voice of God.

I returned from church to find the gentlemen still here. As soon as I hit the door I'm beginning to prepare plates for the kids to eat and get ready for school tomorrow. My husband approached me again saying he wanted to purchase this material again. And again I said we don't have money for that right now. And he made a point to say we find money for what we want to. And he decide to go ahead with the purchase despite what I said. I still had not come to grips with it. So now I'm a little bother by the situation and I decide to go and take a bath and cool off. But before I go to the bathroom the gentlemen ask my husband can we pray and my husband relayed the request to me. And I said you all go right ahead and I proceed to take a shower. And as I was in the shower the Lord said as loud as day "How would you feel if I rejected you?" And I begin to get convicted right then and there. I remembered what my Bishop had just said about will you please God or man. And at that very moment I had to ask for forgiveness.

I said all of this to let you know that we all are still in the flesh and we all fall short of the glory of God. So I ask you the question Will you choose to please God or man?

Once you realize you are here for his purpose and begin to walk into your calling you will begin to live like never before. You will not just be existing floating through life you will know your purpose.

In the world of Internet Marketing, everyday you have to decide on whether or not you're going to please God or man. God intends for us to keep our integrity in check, but man will push you to lose it if you allow it.

I copied this from one of my business partners blog.. Mrs. Everlena Jackson!


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