Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Fasting For Financial Release"

Lenika Scott
This morning one of my business partners shared with me an AWESOME Testimony and I felt the need to include this on my Empowering Women to have it all blog. Men WELCOME!!!

She stated that she had been fasting and initially she set out to do a 7 day fast and the Lord spoke to her and instructed her to extend the fast to 21 days. She said that God is moving on her behalf. Yesterday she stated that she received 14 Leads via Facebook & Myspace.

With that being said, I felt the need to come and share from the heart. Many of you are aware that in August of last year, I went on a 21 day Daniel Fast. I remember my sister Tonya J. Scott stating that her chuch was going on a Corporate Fast and I said I am going to do this. I also remembered living a fasted life and normally it was nothing for me to turn down a plate, fast and seek the face of God.

BUT, this fast was very different. Why... because it was a "True Sacrifice" unto the Lord because this wasn't the norm for me in this season.

The intention of this fast wasn't to "Get a Financial Release" yet hear clearly what the Lord was saying to LENIKA. However in my sacrifice the Financial Release of the promises he had already declared begin to manifest before my eyes and it was in that month that we went President. I am apart of a Network Marketing Company that allows me to Work From Home and God used this company to bless us. The $15,000 Check was a manifestation of the promises God had already spoken. So all that was holding back our blessings, financial blessings that is...was being RELEASED into the earth realm.

We then went Executive.
The next month Diamond.
The next month Platinum.

For those who may not understand what that means...These were Ranks in a Network Marketing Company Called Ardyss International. The Ranks are the Top Ranks in the company that equals and represent top PAY!!!!

God sent every person, every leader and put everyone in place for my organization & our business to blossom.

So, I say unto you today. What's blocking your blessings (IF ANYTHING). It could simply mean you need more IPA (Income Producing Activities) Or God could have you advancing on the exact rate and time that he wants. OR not being prepared for the Harvest. We got to prepare for Breakthrough. Just as we have a baby. When the baby comes home, we have properly prepared for it's arrival.

BUT if your story is similar to mines and most are. Seek God with fasting and Prayer for the Financial Release and he will lead you accordingly. He will show you what's blocking the blessing. Ex's are listed below.

Generational Curses
Not Tithing & Giving Offering

Below are a different kinds of fast and it will provide information to you if you are not experienced with fasting.

It is my prayer that this so bless your heart and you will receive A TRUE "Wealth Transference" that is already taking place in the kingdom not matter what business you are partnered with.

Lenika Scott


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know about my blog, Those Who Hunger, which provides recipes and encouragement for people doing the Daniel Fast. So, if you decide to do the fast again, perhaps you will be helped and blessed by the blog.

    "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." - Matthew 5:6

  2. Lenika, you are so right about this season...I've wanted to do it but kept procrastinating until the Morning Inspirational Call. I'm starting to see a supernatural move in my organization. Mostly, a freedom in my spirit as I quiet down to listen to the voice of the father. This 6:30a prayer ain't no joke but I'm doing it, and it gets easier.

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